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The Riku Replica and Fighting

At some point, the Riku Replica might want to fight with you. It's -- sort of what he does in the game: Have emotional declarations and moments of speshul ("That's just like you, Sora! You've always tried to worm your way into my heart!" "Whoa, whoa, whoa. I don't remember doing something like that!" "YOU NEVER CARED ABOUT MY FEELINGS" <-- canon lolz)... and fight people. A lot.

Like, the Riku Replica wins the prize for Most Number of Boss Fights In a Single Game, at 6. Now, of course, in order for the plot to progress, you have to win -- otherwise you're dead and get the continue/game over screen. So in terms of storyline, the Riku Replica has always lost every fight he's set out to do. The only possible exception is if you consider his 'eating' Zexion to have been a fight. (I don't. XD)

...That doesn't mean he's a pushover. In both games he is, quite simply, one of the hardest fights you'll face. In Sora's game, the only enemy I found harder than him was Axel, and THAT was only because my deck wasn't made for facing an element-strong/weak enemy (it was mostly physical). Compared to the Replica, the final fight was really a piece of cake. Likewise, in Riku's game, there were only two bosses I died fighting. The Replica and Ansem. I died five times before I ended up running around enough to level up Riku to the point where he could beat the Replica. Ansem? Died once, due to carelessness.

So yeah. Be warned that the Replica might want to fight with you, and he's a tough battle. He might want to fight for a number of reasons -- to get stronger, to try to absorb your darkness, to make a statement of his identity. But he DOES do a lot of fighting, and is no stranger to challenging people to fights.

That said, I am perfectly willing to lose. I am willing to lose EVERY TIME. All I want out of the battle is for it to be a tough one for your character's level. Like, so his level is directly proportional to yours, except in the cases where someone is noticably stronger or weaker than 'most' characters. Have him just be slightly stronger, so that you can overcome but it takes effort -- if you're not at the end of your healthbar and kind of "oh god wait how did I DO that" in game, it's not a fight with the Replica. XD I think it would be lots of fun to replicate that in CFUD and have him lose, but only have you win by the skin of your teeth!

Tell me if you're okay with this.

His main attacks are physical (attack with his sword, Soul Eater), or of the power of darkness: an unnamed blast of energy that throws Riku down at one point, and Dark Firaga (a darkly glowing energy ball he flings at you), Dark Break (he leaps into the air and pogosticks on your head using his sword), and Dark Aura (he glows, floats into the air, zips around smacking you with his weapon a lot, then darkness explodes from the ground to do damage).

Let me know if you're NOT okay with fighting him ever, and I'll find excuses, of course. Nobody should ever be bullied into a fight, etc etc etc. :3


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