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OKAY SO below these cuts are the list of gifts that my characters gave others. I would love to thread giving them if people want to! The comments to this post can be treated as IC threads, amirite. I miss RP. Of course, saying that, I'll also be slow as molassas since I'm borrowing computer time, and if I answer from work tomorrow you'll get a lot of repeated default icon, so forgive me for that *wg*. But. You know.


Axel - A black designer high-collar shirt, a decorative silver pendant, a copy of the Devil's Dictionary, and a card with a tastefully-covered nude photo of himself, with directions to his apartment scrawled on the back.

Kazu: A book. At first, to judge by the cover, the book is called "Pacing Yourself and Getting the Most out of your Body: Tips for Young Athletes". However, it is a fake cover, and the book underneath is "Coming Out: A How-To Guide".

Mizuki: A book, "A History of High Jump"

Zexion: A Chopin CD, and a card with a tastefully-covered nude photo of himself, with a note on the back that it wards off ill intentions.

Enjolras: A book, "Urban Warfare: Past and Future"

Emiri: Two books. "Bisexuals Through the Ages" and "Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens".

Agito: A book, "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep"

Akito: "Genesis: A New annotated translation" (with the translator's name listed as R. Alder)

Ikki: ACTUALLY a copy of the book, "Pacing Yourself and Getting the Most out of your Body: Tips for Young Athletes". This is half because it would be useful for him and half because he won't borrow Kazu's copy if he's got his own.

Gojyo: Buried inside a box of maxi pads is a sweater for his rooster. A cock sock. Also, there is a card with a tastefully-covered nude photo of himself, with a note on the back "Thinking of you always~~ >D"

Chizuru: Some burned CDs of Rita Hayworth movies.

Maladict: A gift basket of various coffee samplers.

Nakatsu: Some burned CDs of various soap operas.

Simon: A Kanji dictionary and book of Japanese exercises.

Himejima: Schechner's "Performance Theory"

Spitfire: A CD of Berezovsky's performance of Lizst's Transcendental Studies. And a card with a tastefully-covered nude photo of himself, with a note on the back that it wards off ill intentions.


Reborn: An IOU for a fight, redeemable any time. (He probably thinks this is clever.)


Larxene: A Skevington's Daughter and a "Shouta A Day" desk calendar.

Axel: Coal and a mask.

Haru: "Cakes and More" dessert cookbook.

Bulma: Flowers

Zexion: No actual present, but his baking supplies get resupplied and a flower is left on the shelf.

Kairi: Flowers

Sora: A flower that can be equipped as an accessory to provide "special attack" resistance, with a note (anonymous, no "from" field) that reads: "Because I have already invested in you". (Does it have essence of Marly in it? Nope. But he'd like you to think it!)


Zexion: Does not get a 'present', but many of Zexion's pre-camp lost recipe books have been found and ended up in his alcove again.

Mafia Cave: Also no specific presents are given out. But a variety of multi-player dexterity or mindbender games (like Jenga, with a camp twist of perverted questions to answer before pulling a straw, etc) have found their way into the cave. Also, when it is expanded, the cave will acquire a couch.


Serph: Heat's tag ring, with an explanation that goes something like, "Well... I don't need this any more... and you might... you know... I mean, I'm following you now anyway, so... whatever, just take it!". And a snowglobe. Because Allen suggested Serph might find it interesting. You shake it, and fake snow flies in the globe over little fake houses.

Roland: No actual gift, but Heat finds time to go up to him and mutter a, "Hey, if you have any trouble around here, come to me. I can help out."

Rinali: A complete set of Dis-Items and a Soma Drop, wrapped with an orange hair ribbon. He also explains, as he gives it, that he knows she's strong and fights alongside Allen, but he's learned that strength doesn't always matter, if you can't fix what's wrong. And that orange is the Embryon colour, and stands for victory.

Himawari: A porcelain doll in a princess dress, with long black hair.

Allen: A Graven Shard, an Attack Mirror, and a Magic Mirror, in an orange box. He explains that Allen's the kind who just goes out there and gets involved in shit, but things like this might buy him a little time when he needs it.

Ginshu: A book entitled "Erotic Cooking", because it encompasses two of her interests.

Cordelia: A simple thank-you card.

The Riku Replica

Sora: A photo of himself and a guard boost.

Tomo: A book entitled "101 Things Not to Do with Rope". The 101 looks like 'lol' in the font it's in.

Kairi: A strength boost.

Zexion: The Riku card, in an envelope.

Tsuna: A nifty 2008 calendar with a badass fighting theme, with a bi-weekly training schedule penned into the pages.

Riku: A plain hand-mirror, sent anonymously.

Cordelia: A very small photo album with a few pictures of the replica. "Had to borrow an actual camera for this, but I hope you'll bring it with you when you go."

Imoen: A long, swishy skirt.

Gokudera: No 'actual' present, but he tries to get along with him on Christmas Day, even if it's sort of strained.

Ikki: A badass book of wild animals of Africa.

Luke: A strength boost.

Larxene: He signs her up for furry portn. (He learned that nobody but furries likes furries. He learned this from 4chan. /d might have girls with penises on their shoulders. Farting penises. And they're pregnant and dissolving into goo. And the people there are still like... FUCKING FURRIES! So... furry porn, as he assumes she won't like it. This will probably backfire.)
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