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=====Day 7: Meaning=====

A name defines an object. Describes the span of it. Gives it purpose.

We embarked upon the Replica Program to ensure our new power stays ours. Now,
our shadow puppet, "No. i", lives. It needs a name. Something to define it.
To give the hollow vessel purpose.

Report Author: Xemnas

[Mostly about Xion, but refers to the purpose behind the Replica Program]


=====Day 23: Research Entry 326=====

The Program is largely on track. No. i, my finest Replica, has proven an even
greater success than anticipated.

I intend to take the other vessel - judged unfit for number status - to Castle
Oblivion, where I will subject it to further testing.

One thing is clear: should these Replicas not be classified as a special sort
of Nobody?

Report Author: Vexen

[Bawww unfit for number status]


=====Day 28: Dealing with the Traitors=====

I've uncovered most of what I need to know about the Replica Program, but
where's the other one? I can't find any trace of it.

... Vexen was caught in the middle. Pitiable, but unavoidable. I could not
risk his Program falling into their hands.

Of greater concern are the traitors. Not the obvious turncoats, but the ones
who will get in his and my way. The Keyblade master is not our enemy.

Report Author: Axel

[Not sure when in CoM this would have taken place... I'm replaying right now and will see what happens with "Riku" between killing Vexen and going after the others.]


=====Day 150: Dealing with Xion=====

As expected, the Duplicate is starting to show its limits. The Program showed
promise, but a puppet is just a puppet: something to be toyed with until it

I am utterly at a loss as to what Roxas and Axel see in that thing. How best
to dispose of it merits my consideration going forward.

Report Author: Saïx

[again just about Xion but baw]


=====Day 171: The No. i Project=====

Xion failed to complete its mission. If this continues, destroying it and
using the next Replica as the Duplicate would undoubtedly yield a higher-grade

No. i was among the initial lot, which naturally raises questions about its
capabilities. At present, it is nothing short of broken. I cannot fathom why
Xemnas would want to keep it.

Report Author: Saïx

["The initial lot"]


=====Day 194: The Replica=====

I thought I'd never see the word "Replica" again. Any rational man would
realize the Riku Replica was not likely unique, but I'm the only one in the
Organization who knew of his exceptional copying functionality, and that he
ultimately formed a sense of self. The fact that I knew all that and still
never noticed the truth about Xion speaks to how remarkable a Replica she
must be.

But my questions remain unanswered. Who is she a Replica of? Namine? Kairi?
Or perhaps someone entirely different? Why did the Orgnaization admit her into
this membership? And why would such a fine Replica fall unconscious or
sporadically lose its command of the Keyblade?

Report Author: Axel


=====Day 224: Xion=====

Even if Xion is a Replica - a puppet - she's still Xion. I understand that in
my head, but how do I interact with her now? Riku-Replica was just a tool, but
I can't just use Xion. No, I was wrong to have just used Riku-Replica in the
first place. How is a man-made puppet any less worthy than a Nobody that was
never meant to exist at all?

They're both ambiguous. Tenuous at best. And she's my friend. Even if neither
of us should exist, that doesn't invalidate the bonds we form. Next break we
get, I told her we'd all go to the beach. I hope we get the chance. Our little
summer vacation. I know if we can get together and laugh about stupid stuff,
this nagging doubt will go away.

Report Author: Axel

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